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Back in the 1960’s, the industry made a rapid transition from traditional copper and galvanized piping systems to modern plastic pipe and fittings. The change brought opportunities for innovators to introduce products that would make plastic piping systems more reliable and easier to install.

With a decade’s experience with these emerging technologies, Tom Christy saw an opportunity in the early 1970’s. There was clearly an unmet need for a practical solvent that would work well in adverse conditions commonly encountered by professional contractors. Working closely with professionals “in the trenches”, Christy perfected a solvent that was perfect for working in:

  • Wet and muddy conditions common to both new installations and repairs.
  • Cold and wet weather, allowing contractors to be productive even on rainy days.
  • High productivity environments where a very fast set and very fast cure help the contractor be more efficient and profitable.

Tom Christy’s exclusive Red Hot Blue Glue ® was born! And it’s now the #1 contractor-rated irrigation solvent on the market!


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