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City:   Chino

State:  California


Since 1987, AEP has been manufacturing commercial grade utility boxes, turf irrigation valve boxes, and utility underground enclosures. Our plastic underground enclosures are top quality and feature the following:

  • Lightweight but still provides higher load and environment resistance qualities over our competitor’s products in plastic or concrete.
  • Reduced Side Angle providing easier readjustments to grade while inside areas remain the same.
  • Increased Break Resistance – Structural foamed plastic parts have a lower density than straight injection products.This allows a part to still provide high flexibility through proper design, while it continues to be more resistance to impact and bowing when installed.
  • Non-Conductive or Sparking – Offers good qualities for uses in electrical or phone connnection junction boxes.

• Specification Grade Polyole Valve Boxes
• Meet Caltrans Standards
• Rectangular • Standard • Jumbo • Utility • Nestable
• Extensions • Round • Emitter Boxes • Quick Coupler
• Econo Boxes
• Standard Colors: Green-Purple-Tan-Black-Gray
• Custom Cover Markings • Valve Tags
• With or Without Mouse Holes

Made in California