How many times have we all seen this blight on the land?

Many city sidewalks are cursed with root intrusions of varying degrees. For trees planted  over 40 years ago, it is understanable. However, for at least the part 25 years, root barrier products have been standard on most municipal landscape plans due to the proven protection they provide. In 1976, Deep Root was founded  when an industrial designer tripped on an uprooted sidewalk and ruined a new pair of shoes. This eventually led him to develop the first commercially available tree root barriers. From that simple start, Deep Root is now a leading urban landscape products and ecosystem services supplier, focused primarily on integrating trees, soil, and stormwater into the urban environment.  Today, Deep Root Root Barrier panels continue to be the most specified root barrier product on the market. Over the last 10 to 15 years, cheaper, less effective barrier products, have been introduced to the landscape market. However, these lower priced substitutes are not true “equals” to Deep Root. installers to substitute Deep Root for .  Here’s why:



Instant assembly: panels slide together with a zipper joiner system ( Zipper Joints hold up to root pressure and assure proper alignment. Proprietary Item)

Universal Guide: linear, surround, and root pruning applications ( Adaptable to any installation )

Sizing adjustable in 2′ (61 cm) modules1/2″ (1.2 cm) raised 90º molded root deflecting ribs ( Industry standard )

Ground lock tabs to prevent lifting by tree ( As roots push down, horizontal Ground Lock tabs prevent panels from lifting out of ground. Proprietary Item)

Double top edge for strength, safety, appearance and root overgrowth protection ( Best against foot traffic, weed eaters, and mowers. Proprietary Item)

Ultraviolet inhibitors (Slows breakdown from exposure to sun)

Rounded edges for safety in handling (Easy on the installer

Manufactured in USA with 75% reprocessed polypropylene (LEED friendly) 

DeepRoot products are protected under one or more of the following U.S. Patents: 5,070,642; 5,305,549 and 5,528,857( Cannot be copied)     

Specifiers should make sure to use the above spec when protection is needed. 

 Also, Root Barrier panels should be placed against the hardscape (Linear Style) and 1/4″ below the curb or sidewalk.


Not like this

Sturdy, molded Double Top Edge will stand up to foot traffic and weed whackers over the years. 

The Zipper joiner system will assure proper installation and provide superior resistance to roots.

The Ground Lock tabs will provide vertical stability to the panel over the years.

 Here are some examples of other products that do not have the features that are standard on Deep Root panels:

Barrier has failed to hold back roots from damaging sidewalk