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For over 20 years, the Atlantic name has been synonymous with quality and value in the water gardening industry.   But it doesn’t stop with ponds and waterfalls; our full line of water features includes our award winning Colorfalls lighted waterfalls, the best fountain basins in the industry, submersible pumps, all new LED Lighting options, rain harvesting products, and all the accessories you need. 

• Full Pond Kits
• Color Changing Lighted Vases
• Color Falls Lighted Falls
• Stainless Steel Scuppers
• Filter Fall Waterfall and Biological
• Filtration Combination
• Tidal Wave Pump Series
• Triton Check Valves and Chemical-Free Ionizers
• SOL series, color changing, underwater lighting
• Clean Rain Ultra:
• Downspout Diverter
• Rainwater Harvesting Systems
• Big Bahama Pro Series Skimmers and
Pond-Free Equipment
• Oasis Series for Small and
Compact Installations
• Biocuda Pond Treatments

* Southern California and Arizona Only


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